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The Company Compliance means managing
Company’s object, policies and procedures
designed to prevent non-adherence of the rules,
regulations set by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs,

Rs. 750/- per month for yearly contract.


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The Company Compliance means managing Company’s object, policies and procedures designed to prevent non-adherence of the rules, regulations set by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and other related bodies and detect violations of applicable law, regulations, rules and ethical standards by companies.

Why should I go for Company Compliance Contract?

The Company Compliance Contract will help the company to maintain all the records related to company law matters. This Company Compliance Contract works for a year.


1. Annual filing compliances of forms like MGT 7, AOC 4 (Old : 23AC, 23ACA, 20B)
2. Drafting of minutes of the meetings.
3. Drafting of Resolution.
4. Drafting of the minutes EGM and AGM.
5. Preparing Statutory Registers
6. Filing of forms like:
   – MGT-14- Resolutions for the meeting requiring special resolutions,
   – ADT-1 – Appointment of Auditors,
   – ADT-3 – Resignation of the Auditors,
   – DIR-12 – Appointment /Resignation,
   – INC 22- Shifting of the registered office of the company,
   – PAS-3-Return of allotment,
   – CHG- Creation, Modification and Satisfaction of Charges (if the filing is done within 300 days)
7. Compliance related to inspection of Documents.

– Corporate Pandit can help you to make your compliances up-to-date and clear mess in your accounts in quickest possible time.

– Expert from Corporate Pandit will understand the specific requirements of your business and get an idea on what all things are required to be done.

– After getting understanding your requirement, a detailed inspection will be done on MCA website and based on that a report of pending submissions will be made.

– Once the report of pending compliances is out, we will send you a quotation for completion of all the compliances and start working.

– Missing deadlines of compliance filing can prove to be expensive affair for a business as the late filing penalty and interests are heavy burden to the business.

– It is always advisable to complete any missed compliances immediately. The interest and penalties keeps on increasing day by day.

– For smooth running of business and make informed decisions the bookkeeping of the business must be done on regular basis.

– Bookkeeping is so important that all the compliances of a business actually depend on the bookkeeping.

– Different Government departments announce amnesty schemes for missed deadlines. If any such scheme is announced, business should take benefit for the same. But do not wait for such scheme.


How important is it to file ROC and LLP compliances?

It is indeed very important to file the ROC compliances on time. For example if the Annual Return of ROC is not filed for some years, ROC may turn the status of the Company from Active to Defunct. With a Defunct status the Company will not be able to file any forms unless the Defunct status is turned into Active again. In case the director of a defunct Company is director in another Company which is Active, the Active Company will also not be allowed to file any documents with ROC unless the Defunct status of the other Company is not made Active.


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